Team Tachiz™ at Tachiz Travel™ Costa Rica thinks of Eco-safaris and Variety more as fun learning experiences than a sports oriented activities and though they also take place in wonderful natural scenarios, the pace is less demanding and more focused on the natural history aspects of your Costa Rica Adventure. A natural history guided hike on the hanging bridges of a tropical forest as opposed to a zip lining through the forest, for instance, or a guided boat safari as opposed to a kayak safari, a sunset sail as opposed to a costal kayak, though we will provide opportunities for snorkeling at both of these bilingual guided adventures. They can be focused on a more general or on a more specific interest as well. We consistently and personally provide the best service and value. Here’s an initial idea for you. It is fully customizable as well. Team Tachiz™ at Tachiz Travel™ Costa Rica will gladly propose and arrange for special surprises once we learn more about your specific interests.

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