Arenal Volcano National Park & La Fortuna

This region is currently considered to be the capital of Eco-Adventure in Costa Rica.  It is an evergreen, warm, lush, very beautiful, fun area with some world renowned unique accommodations, guided activities, flora, fauna and hot springs.

The Arenal Volcano is like a symmetrical cone, rising 5,436 feet above sea level. Its unique weather adds to its allure. This volcano has been around for about 3 million years. In 1968, it erupted violently, showering nearby villages with rocks, ash, and gas, causing widespread destruction. Once the most active volcano in Central America, Arenal has been quiet since 2010, and some experts speculate it could remain dormant for up to 400 years before another eruption. Nevertheless, the Arenal-Fortuna region remains the epicenter of eco-adventure in Costa Rica. Watch a video on this region here:

La Fortuna emerged following the eruption, evolving into a hub for adventure tourism. Its charming landscape is dotted with top-notch boutique hotels, catering to visitors seeking unique experiences. The area boasts exceptional naturalist guides, enriching exploration. La Fortuna offers delightful dining, shopping, and interactions with friendly locals, preserving its authentic Costa Rican charm. Across from the volcano lies the shimmering Arenal Lake, Costa Rica’s largest man-made lake. It’s a paradise for water enthusiasts, renowned as the world’s second-best spot for windsurfing.

The National Park and its adjacent town are enveloped by breathtaking natural wonders and hospitable locals, primarily reliant on agriculture and ecotourism. Nature enthusiasts will revel in the myriad opportunities for guided hikes, unveiling majestic waterfalls, lush forests, and diverse wildlife. Exploring serene tropical rivers and idyllic farmland offers another layer of immersion. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, this destination caters to both with natural hot springs and rejuvenating spas. It’s an essential component of any thoughtfully crafted itinerary, offering a harmonious blend of activity and tranquility.

Some private bilingual guided activities which can be arrange include: Guided night hikes, horseback riding to the Volcano and tropical waterfalls, guided hikes to the old lava flows or forest hanging bridges, mountain biking, zip-lining, Venado Caverns, ATV’s, white water rafting at la Balsa, Sarapiqui or Toro rivers, floating safaris on the Peñas Blancas River or boat trips to Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, Aerial Tram, organic farms, Costa Rican cooking classes, lake fishing, canyoneering which means safely rappelling down tropical waterfalls, hot springs and many surprises just to name a few.

Even at some of its magnificent deluxe boutique accommodations which are by far favorite ones, this area is suitable for blue jeans, shorts, T shirts, a bathing suit and light rain gear since you are likely to get some warm rain since it is a tropical rain forest too.

Arenal Volcano National Park & La Fortuna

Weather: Throughout the year, visitors to the region can expect a delightful mix of sunshine, clouds, and occasional warm tropical showers. Thanks to the mild temperatures, the frequent rainfall only adds to the lush greenery of the gardens and forests, keeping the local wildlife bustling with activity. While some may experience periods of nearly constant rain, weather patterns are anything but consistent.

From February to April, the volcano typically graces visitors with clear daytime views, only to be shrouded in clouds come nightfall. Despite its unpredictable weather, witnessing the majestic volcano during the day is an awe-inspiring experience. For accommodations, we’ll ensure your stay is nothing short of luxurious, with a selection of unique boutique hotels boasting hot springs. While not all hotels offer on-site hot springs, we’ll curate options that guarantee an unforgettable and indulgent experience.

Approx. driving distances to Arenal: From San Jose less than 3 hours, from Monteverde 4 hours going around the lake  (It is more fun to be taken you across the Lake Arenal), from Guanacaste 4 to 5 hours, from Puerto Viejo Limon 6 hours, from Manuel Antonio 5 hours, from Jaco 4 hours.