Eco-friendly Costa Rica

Team Tachiz™ at Tachiz Travel™ Costa Rica thinks of Eco-safaris and Variety more as fun learning experiences than a sports oriented activities and though they also take place in wonderful natural scenarios, the pace is less demanding and more focused on the natural history aspects of your Costa Rica Adventure. A natural history guided hike on the hanging bridges of a tropical forest as opposed to a zip lining through the forest, for instance, or a guided boat safari as opposed to a kayak safari, a sunset sail as opposed to a costal kayak, though we will provide opportunities for snorkeling at both of these bilingual guided adventures. They can be focused on a more general or on a more specific interest as well. We consistently and personally provide the best service and value. Here’s an initial idea for you. It is fully customizable as well. Team Tachiz™ at Tachiz Travel™ Costa Rica will gladly propose and arrange for special surprises once we learn more about your specific interests.


Unique world renowned accommodations at Lapa Rios Lodge, Tropical Rivers, Tropical Rainforests, Tropical Dry Forest, Warm Pacific Beaches and sunsets, Truly unique guided activities, Smooth logistics & accommodations.


San Jose, Osa Peninsula & Rainforest Area, Guanacaste & Nosara Tropical Dry Forest & Beach (A blue zone of the world where people live the longest).

Overview 8 Days / 7 Nights

Day 1: Arrival to San Jose.

Day 2: Fly to Osa Peninsula.

Day 3 & 4: Bilingual Guided Adventures in Osa Peninsula.

Day 5: Fly to Guanacaste / Nosara Beach.

Day 6 & 7: Bilingual Guided Adventures in Nosara.

Day 8: Departure.

Brief Sample Fully Customizable Itinerary

Baltimore oriole in Costa Rica

Day 1: Arrival to San Jose.

We will meet you and greet you. Enjoy our private bilingual land transfer to a nearby organic coffee farm and unique accommodations which blend with nature and where every room is different and special. The food and service are wonderful. Enjoy a special dinner.
Beach in Costa Rica.

Day 2: Osa Peninsula.

Private land transfer for your private flight to Puerto Jimenez and on to the world renowned Lapa Rios Lodge.
Hiking Corcovado in Costa Rica

Days 3 & 4: Osa Peninsula Adventures.

Two full days for you to enjoy the Osa Peninsula Area and the following bilingual guided tropical adventures but we can also prepare something even more special for you as we love to arrange for special surprises: • Early and Sunset Bird watching Tour. • Wild Waterfall Hike. • Local Medicine Tour. • Rain Forest Ridge Walk. • Osa Trail Hike. • Matapalo Tour and Night Walk. • Plant a Tree. You will overnight at the Lapa Rios Lodge.
Sunny beach in Costa Rica

Day 5: Guanacaste Beach.

We will take you a private land transfer and a private scenic flight from Puerto Jimenez to Nosara Beach. Enjoy the Pacific beaches and sunsets. You will overnight at a unique deluxe hotel of only 27 rooms with incredible views and service.
Monkeys in Costa Rica

Days 6-7: Nosara Adventures.

Two full days for you to enjoy the Nosara Area and two half day bilingual guided tropical adventures amongst the following but we can also prepare something even more special for you as we love to arrange for special surprises: • Mangrove Stand Up Paddle. • Boca Nosara Kayaking. • Early Morning birding hike. • Ocean stand up paddle. • Morning or Sunset Horseback riding. • Surf Lesson. • Snorkeling in San Juanillo Bay. You will overnight at a unique deluxe hotel of only 27 rooms.
Nosara Beach

Day 8: Departure.

With more fond Costa Rica memories, we will take you on a private land transfer to the Liberia Airport for you to make your departure flight out of the country.

Detailed Itinerary

Write us now to start working on your dream Eco-Friendly Costa Rica Vacation of a Lifetime. Once we speak and best understand your wishes and interests, we will send you free fully-customizable detailed proposal with incredible accommodations, prices, meals, choices of unique bilingual guided activities and more.

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