Costa Rica Unique Travel Agency & Vacations with Tachiz Travel

My name is Francisco Herrera and I thank you for your interest in our country. Your vacation time just like Costa Rica is too precious and unique to sacrifice to logistical nightmares and it should be full of inspiration and delight. One of the unique advantages of our company is that my brother Alex and I, as native Costa Ricans, passionate and dedicated owners at our small and focused Team Tachiz Travel, will personally host you here in Costa Rica from our initial phone conversation until you leave our country after having enjoyed a life enhancing, mutually nourishing and unique “gourmet” travel experience of a Lifetime. Allow Team Tachiz™ to personally help you for we really appreciate how “A trip to Costa Rica is a gift you give to yourself at the same time that you are helping to preserve nature and social peace” -Alex Herrera, March 2003.

Alex and I were high school foreign exchange students in the State of Oregon in the mid-eighties. Upon our return to Costa Rica, we started serving the most discerning high end visitors from all over the world with truly unique to Costa Rica, life enhancing and mutually rewarding experiences for the visited and for the visitors. We are very dedicated 24/7 as you can see on the most recent verified reviews on us, and we truly stay up to date with what only is possible in Costa Rica at any given time. We also enjoy very strong connections with hundreds of key suppliers and communities members which have naturally developed for over 30 years. They really help us to arrange for special surprises and to orchestrate our Unique Tachiz Handcrafted Costa Rica Itineraries.