Panama is a country of contrast with a strong mixture of culture, architectural beauty and natural attractions. As well as beaches, night life and a history based on pirates’ pillages and a technical endeavor that has become an icon of what humanity can do.  The Panama Canal is considered the eighth wonder of the modern world and is therefore, a must see.

Panama, due to its particular geographical situation, houses almost 1000 bird species. Likewise, it is home to as 220 different types of mammals and 354 types of reptiles and amphibians. Today, 29 per cent of Panama’s territory is protected with 14 national parks, more than a dozen forestry reserves and 10 wildlife refuges. Panama. The country also has hundreds of islands and protects miles of coral reefs that are the habitat of a great diversity of marine life.

At Tachiz Travel we will arrange for you to enjoy a partial transit of it. An exploration of the old and new Panama City. Then, an unforgettable visit on Embera’s traditional hand-carved canoes. You will enjoy this culture’s music and learn about their mystic ritual knowledge of medicinal plants.  They are a group of indigenous people who keep their traditions intact, surrounded by their spectacular natural environment. At Tachiz Travel, we can combine the best of Panama with your Adventure of a Lifetime in Costa Rica as well.

The weather in Panama City is hot and humid.